Monday, October 30, 2006

stem cell research

this is in response to:   This may push readers away, but... by Nancyluvspix regarding fetal stem cell research....

I think that one reason fetal stem cell research is opposed by so many is that the very idea and act of abortion is so oppositional.  It's a bridge we would have to cross to say, "well if the baby is going to be discarded anyway"'s just too hard to do this.  Not that I will ever sit in judgement of a woman who has had an abortion.  Only God knows her heart, her circumstance...and while He would never condone the act, He does love that woman very much.  I also want to be clear that while I oppose abortion, I would never, ever condone the actions of many anti abortionists who have harmed others in their protests.  And in the case of in vitro fertilization,  I believe that life begins at conception, and to deliberately bring a life into being to destroy it in the name of research....I just can't condone.

I think the better alternative is using umbilical cord blood, placentas and adult stem cells.  This has been proven to be effective and has already been used to treat many diseases.  Embryonic stem cells have yet been used to treat the first might be said that its because of the opposition to the research...but there has been research for both, and it is documented that its the adult stem cells where there has been success.  I know that depending on the prevailing beliefs of the one doing the research, data can be found to support either side.
I am a nurse and have experience in Labor and Delivery.  That's where I worked during both of my pregnancies. I worked the night night we had no patients...I was 12 weeks pregnant, and we got the bright idea to hook me up on the sonogram machine we had just gotten in the department.  I was amazed.  At 12 weeks we were looking at a little baby....she was moving all around, and at one point, she startled...throwing out all could actually see all fingers and toes!  Never again did we see all of her, but I think at that particular time, she was small enough that we got her whole image on the screen.  I'm telling you this because it's at 12 weeks that a lot of abortions are performed.  I believe that if mom's could see what that little fetus really looked like at that stage, there would be fewer abortions.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

photo scavenger hunt #94

Photo Scavenger Hunt #94 subject...  This week go into your files and select a photo to post of sentimental value or special meaning.  Don't forget to tell us why it holds value for you. 


well....if you've learned anything about me by's generally that i can't just post one photo...and this time is no different.  :)  so let me tell you about these few pics i've selected. 

just over 2 years ago, we got married in new orleans.  the motel was pet friendly, and if you didn't have a pet with you...they loaned you a pet goldfish!  we named him oscar.  lol  and yes....he takes a guitar everywhere we go.


this was a first trip to new orleans for both of us, so we had fun exploring jackson square and the french quarter for 3 fun filled days......




and then we took a 5 day western caribbean cruise....leaving new orleans port....

docked at cozumel....the holiday is carnival's smallest liner....i thought it was huge!!


we had a wonderful time....and many wonderful memories.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

i'm back......

ok....i was gone a week, and it has taken me nearly a week just to get caught up at home, with email, and at work!!  i'm telling ya...i wasn't gone long enough to pay like this!!  the first 3 days were a business meeting...but they provided us with a wonderful cabin in the beautiful smokies.


and as part of a commitment exercise, we got to hike to the top of clingmans dome at sunrise!!  i'll hafta say, that was the highlight of the business trip.  :)

and then hubby came up after the meeting had adjounred and we spent two wonderful days soaking in the beauty. 



our lil cabin in the woods wasn't as fancy as the one the company had put my teammates and i in, but i wasn't complaining!!


it was a wonderful trip....the scenery was gorgeous!!  more pics to come!  :)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Photo Scavenger Hunt #92

Photo Scavenger Hunt #92...The subject this week is:  "Trees, leaves, and anything

from north alabama and south central tennessee.....






Monday, October 9, 2006

monday photo shoot

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Foliage 2006

"We're far enough into fall to do this one now:

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Leaves are changing color all over the US -- show us the foliage in your neck of the woods. Normally I say that pictures from your archives are fine and dandy, but for this assignment try to get fresh photos of the change of the season. Remember also that even though this is called the Monday Photo Shoot, you can still submit pictures on Tuesday, Wednesday or even Thursday morning -- so you have some time to find that perfect fall photo. "

i work in tennessee and i've been wanting to go to a nearby state had been several years since i was last there, and i had forgotten how beautiful it is....



my drive home in with the late afternoon sun is just breathtaking....i've found i'm not nearly as much in a hurry to get home when enjoying the surrounding beauty.
and i snapped this yesterday at an alabama state park.
i love fall!!!!!  :)

Sunday, October 8, 2006

photo scavenger hunt #91

Photo Scavenger Hunt #91...The subject this week is:  sunrises and sunsets

"This idea came from Greg at Photo Trek.  If you can't get a sunrise picture because you are not an early riser and can't seem to get a good sunset shot, how about any skyshot?!   Let's see the sky in all it's glory this week!   Thanks for the idea, Greg!!"

so here are mine....







Wednesday, October 4, 2006

round robin abc's of autumn

  =ABC's of Autumn= Using the first letters of your first and last name....

                          g - grandaughter's 3rd fall to play soccer....go strikers!!  :)


             a - amber colors abound!

to see other beautiful fall photos:  The Round Robin Photo Challenges


Monday, October 2, 2006

Photo Scavenger Hunt #90: "Autumn"

There is a Season  Photo Scavenger Hunt #90: "Autumn"

i love autumn....the coolness in the air...the colors....brisk are some of my pics taken in nw alabama  the past few days.