Saturday, May 31, 2008

tiny things

Round Robin Challenge: Tiny Things

the first idea was to photograph tiny inanimate things, but karen reconsidered and now says anything tiny can be used for this challenge.  this was great news for me, as i would rather shoot insects and wildlife...anything involving from my backyard...tiny insects and flowers....

and now from my butterfly safari at the huntsville botanical gardens ....

those small yellow things are butterfly eggs...and the butterfly you see here is depositing more eggs.  notice her abdomen curled into the plant. 

a monarch to be....

and to show that 'tiny' can be a matter of perspective.... 

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

the animal within

marie asks us to post a picture of an animal that represents us...well not one animal does that, so i've chosen a few....


plump, cautious






                                         i wash my food before eating it.  :)

you have until friday to play grab your photos and click here.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

jland photo shoot #134

krissy invites us to show some color for this photo shoot.  the alabama jubilee hot air balloon classic is an annual event in decatur (just 20 miles south of me) every memorial day weekend.  it was fun...and colorful!!  i'll only share a few of the many i took.  :)


and last but not 166' high, the energizer bunny is the world's largest hot air balloon....


and the little bunny that keeps on going....just couldn't get going saturday morning.  several attempts were made before they finally gave it up...said there wasn't enough wind.  hopefully, he made it up sunday.  to play along, click link above and be sure to post before midnight on sunday!  :)

Monday, May 26, 2008


A-Z Photo Challenge - The letter E

this little guy is an immature snowy Egret.  when he comes of age, those yellowish feet are very orange.  note the difference in him and the great Egret beak and black legs and feet.

join martha....."Be sure to post your E photo along with any catch up entries. Leave your links here on this entry before June 1st! Happy E-ing ;-)"   ( just click link at top of entry.)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

gulf shores, alabama

from the shores of beautiful south alabama....

i love the's therapeutic for me.  i don't care about being in the waves very long...if any...but i can sit and watch and listen to them for hours.  this trip, the water was toooo cold to get in...well for me....there were several youngsters playing in it.


we rented the beach chairs and an umbrella a couple of days to make the most of  our beach time.

these shadows caught my eye one late afternoon when going back to the room.

these little beggars are fun to watch.  i sure would love to go back soon....but for right now, i'll enjoy revisiting through my photos.  :)