Wednesday, March 28, 2007

photo scavenger hunt

Photo Scavenger Hunt #106 subject...

groups of three.....i'm a bit late, but decided to do this entry anyway. 

this group of trees caught my eye the other day in south middle tennessee

i never realized that clovers were so pretty.  well...i thought so.  :)

what's appealing about mushrooms??  i have no idea, but i do like taking pics of  them.  lol

yes....there are 3 lil robins in that nest.

all i did to this pic was hit auto level...i liked the result.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

round robin challenge

The Round Robin Photo Challenges:  Nature 

i've always found nature intriguing, especially wildlife and other critters.  :)  it is a balm to my spirit and mind.  here are a few of my favorites. 


   mot mot in xcaret park, mexico                                barn owl, wildlife refuge


                                little blue heron, corkscrew swamp of the florida everglades


                monument rocks - limestone formations reaching 70' in height, northwest kansas


                                                 interesting tree - california park


spring is my favorite season with fall a close second.  i love the cooler temperatures, and the awesome colors.


                                               bai yun of the san diego zoo




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Monday, March 19, 2007

Scalzi's Monday Photo Shoot

John Scalzi's Your Monday Photo Shoot:  It's Night! Take a picture. Naturally, taking a picture inside at night (i.e., where it's well lit and indistinguishable from day) won't do; take a picture that captures some of the quality of the night time. Also: No sunset photos. We'll save them up to do another time.
taken this past summer in destin, fl...relaxing outside our motel,
as night started moving in, and the lights came on, this scene
caught my eye.
i have always loved night lights....i thought this destin plaza was
particularly pretty all lit up.
hubby and i celebrated our 2nd annniversary this past summer in san diego with a
dinner cruise.
business meeting in costa mesa, ca....friends and i had walked to the mall for dinner one
night, and i had to snap a few shots on the walk back of the beautiful christmas lights
and decorations.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Photo Scavenger Hunt #105

Photo Scavenger Hunt #105 .......Our subject this week will be:  BLUE

                 i love blues...and the first blue i think of is our beautiful sky.


shown here as a backdrop for the first signs of spring as the trees begin flowering....


                      and here reflected in a creek.....


         and then i think of the natural blues in nature we are so blessed with....


          he is still beautiful, though his wings are battered and worn


                    rich blues are even found in the depths.....




            and blue has often been significant in religious beliefs...


              ceiling painting of a small chapel in an old german castle.