Wednesday, November 22, 2006

thanksgiving eve

Picture from Hometown

i'm such a procrastinator!  i left work early yesterday to start my baking.  after that hour drive home though, i sat down and never got started.  again, today i left a little early with the intentions of  baking.  here it is late afternoon, and i've yet to crack that first egg.  aaaccckkk....procrastination!!  i blame my dad...actually, his whole clan - as many of them seem to have this nasty habit...the coleman curse....alas...sigh....i really have no one to blame but me.  lol

Picture from Hometown

thanksgiving....a time to give thanks...i am so much to be thankful for...i'm happy, have a wonderful hubby, great kids and grandkids, and a wonderful family...good health, good job, the list goes on and on...i realize how fortunate i am and i realize that there are many who are sad and or hurting this thanksgiving.  my heart goes out to them.

Picture from Hometown

tomorrow most of my siblings and their families will meet at mom's and dad's.  mom makes her famous (all the colemans,smiths, thomas', browns, etc know it's true)  cornbread dressing and a few sides. the rest of us bring in side dishes and desserts.  there is generally way too much food and we are all stuffed before it's over.  the main thing is that most of the family comes together to celebrate this wonderful day.  the house is getting smaller and smaller as each year the grandkids are now bringing in the great grands....almost bursting at the seams!!  :)

Picture from Hometown

and still...i procrastinate....i've got to get started if i want to finish tonight.  i just wanted to wish everyone a very happy and blessed thanksgiving!!!

Picture from Hometown
i want to give a special thanks to donna of d's designs over at This and that, and hockey! for most of the graphics.  :)


reconcilinglife said...

Happy Thanksgiving for my house to yours, hugs, Bam

midwestvintage said...

Everyones dinners sound so great.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


inquestoftruth said...

What a pretty entry!!!  and I can't waiiiiittttt!!!!!!!!!  

lclc2u said...

i so understand the procrastination mode. Great graphics!

queenb8261 said...

I procrastinated too. Thank goodness I don't have that much to do. LOL
Happy Tday again.
Hugs, Barb