Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Nancy  has tagged me with this meme.   It's all about FOURS.  
Read'll see what I mean.  (makes me realize how exciting i really am!  lol)

Four Jobs I've Had


nurse's aide

scrub nurse in labor and delivery

nurse manager of dialysis clinic

4 Movies I can watch over and over
(I'm not one to watch movies much more than once or twice...but if I HAD to, I'd pick:)
it's a wonderful life
gone with the wind
indiana jones
the wizard of oz

4 Places I have lived

cleveland, oh

florence, al

leesburg, fl

ulysses, ks

4 TV shows I love to watch

law and order

the closer

judging amy

andy griffith


4 Places I’ve been to on vacation

western carribbean cruise


san diego

san francisco

4 Websites I visit daily

no favorite web sites...i mainly read a few journals, the news, play a few games, scrapbooking sites, and right now local newspapers in a 50 miles radius for job ads...

4 Favorite Dishes






4 Places I’d rather be right now really...i need a job.  lol


grand canyon

niagra falls

4 People I’m tagging  (sorry guys...)



nhd106 said...

Oh yeah...Wizard of Oz...for sure!  We do have lots in common.  I bet if we lived closer, we'd be even better friends!
Thanks for playing...
PS.   Why is Diego so sad?    ; )

lattedah711 said...

Judging Amy was awesome.  Now she's  on Private Practive.  Andy Griffith?  I'd have to think hard about that one.  LOL. Great answers.  :)    Tracy

midwestvintage said...

Man I would be boring as I have only ever lived here.   Yikes.  I don't have TV and I rarely get to travel unless I am reading a good book or in some of the journals from their pictures..  Loved your answers.


lsfp1960 said...

Your life is more exciting than mine, especially in the "4 Places I've Lived" catagory.  I've lived in various parts of my home town all my life. Linda in Washington state

inquestoftruth said...

AAARGGGG!!   You should be sorry!     Yours were very interesting....and I'm feeling pushed to do an entry after a few months of not doing one!  
good job

aimer said...

Interesting answers, I feel like I know you. We could have a movie marathon together as I love all of the movies that you selected. I have my own copy of GWTW!--Sheria

jlocorriere05 said...

I'll try and do one in the next few days when I get some time Gina! Good answers from you! Jeannette xx  

mail4campbell said...

Great answers! I have to say it sounds like you have an exciting life! Wishing you the best on the job search mission...I'm on one myself!!! Love2U

fisherkristina said...

Yes, Gina, you are exciting, LOL!  A scrub nurse in labor and delivery sounds very interesting.  What do they do?  Also, what does the nurse manager of the dialysis clinic do?  You remember John was on dialysis, right?  So what does the nurse actually do?  Oh, she must be the head over all the other dialysis nurses.  That sounds like a big responsibility!  

I also love It's A Wonderful Life and Andy Griffith, LOL

Thanks for your interesting answers!

Krissy :)

queenb8261 said...

I didn't know you were a nurse. Are you looking for another nursing job? I AM SO MAD that my daughter didn't reapply this fall like she said she would. SO disappointed.She was gung ho into until this "guy" came into her life. and you know what new romance does to some women. LOL  I think you are a faboo interesting person. LOVE all your photographs. You could do that in a heart beat I think. Sorry I haven't been by a lot. Take care & good luck with the job search. I'l keep a prayer in my heart  & my fingers crossed.
Hugs, Barb

queenb8261 said...

PS...Do you play games on Pogo. On your AOL Name? I play on it when I free time...same screen name. What do you like to play. I like to play any card games, I'm one of the dorks that likes quick quack and games like that. LOL
Loved all your answers. Have a good week.
Hugs, Barb