Friday, January 25, 2008

monday photo shoot

Karen of Outpost Mavarin presents us with

New Monday Photo Shoot #4: Show us something in the sky. It can be clouds or colors or birds or planes or planets or flying pigs - anything at all, really, just as long as it's visually interesting.

not a great photo...but these geese were so comical looking, i had to share it.


to view other participants, please check out Outpost Mâvarin: Monday Photo Shoot: Look! Up in the Sky!


midwestvintage said...

 I love the geese, all the photo's actually but really love the geese.


queenb8261 said...

These are all such wonderful photos. Do you ever blow any up and frame them? You should have a showing. Fantastic job,Gina.

lv2trnscrb said...

those geese are so cute!! great pictures;

enjoy the day


nightmaremom said...

great shots!

radar446 said...

The aircraft carrier is a wonderful picture.  The landing helicopter really adds to the look.  You are right, the geese did make me chuckle a bit.


lifes2odd said...

ROFLMAO! That photo of the geese is too much! I just love that one! -- I'm talking love so much that I want to print it and frame it! Just too funny!
Martha :-)

ma24179 said...

The rainbow is beautiful! -Missy

mavarin said...

I LOVE the geese! - Karen

monicasmemoirs said...

The first photo makes me miss my youngest son (he's out to sea in the US Navy) ... so it gave me a sad face.
The 2nd photo of the geese made ne smile ... turned the frown upright again. :-)
The rainbow is beautiful.


acoward15 said...

The geese photo would make a good caption competition.

aimer said...

The geese are delightfully funny; but my favorite is the photo of the rainbow. It seems to be a rare sight nowadays to catch a glimpse of a rainbow. It makes me feel like a child again for a moment.--Sheria

fisherkristina said...

Oh, I love the geese!  That is one of the funniest photos I have ever seen in my life!  That is great that you actually captured that on film!  I love the first one also, how it is taken over the water.  And I also love the rainbow, it is so crisp and clear!

Krissy :)